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Gordon Briley's Most Important Weight Loss Tips

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

#1 MOST IMPORTANT WEIGHT LOSS TIP Don't mix fat and carbs. If you're looking to lose weight and regain your health the #1 thing you need to know is to stop mixing your carbs and fats. Baked potato with butter is one of my all time favorite foods, but if I'm trying to lose weight, or at least not gain weight then it's pretty much off limits. Why is this? It's pretty simple really. With glucose being the easiest for your body to utilize for energy, then it will do just that. All carbs (excluding insoluble fiber)will end up being glucose and will either go to cells to produce energy, get stored in the muscle, feed the brain or other glucose obligate organs, and for some (fructose) go to the liver for processing (fructose often into triglycerides). That all sounds great right? That would be the case if the potato wasn't soaked in butter. So what happens to the fat if carbs are being chosen for energy? Well here's the unfortunate truth. The fat is already in the necessary form to be easily stored by the body. The carbs will require insulin to drive energy distribution (storage/usage) to the places mention prior, but even worse is that the insulin will inhibit the release of fat as energy. Double fricking wammy! Individual portions of the fat content will be utilized, however, much will simply make its way to fat cells for storage for future energy needs. If you would have eaten the carbs but limited the fat you would have created a satisfactory environment to fuel your body, but not store fat. That is of course if it was an appropriate amount of carbs, too much still results in carbs being converted into fat. Too much, too often, equals insulin resistance and then eventually type two diabetes. Eat too many carbs mixed with fat and BAM right to your hips with both carbs and fat ending up in the fat cells. That's where the American Diet is killing us!! The reason that low carb and low fat diets are known to produce results is because of what i've been explaining. You've likely reduced overall caloric intake and at the same time stopped mixing macronutrients. Fat and carbs are oil and water baby! Here's the great part. Once you know and understand this you can make better's the key....most of the time. Don't mix them a majority of the time, but a few meals of the week live a little, mix them damn things. Enjoy it! Make it a habit and you'll have to accept the consequences. Get your caloric needs figured out, build some muscle to burn/store the carbohydrates you consume, and pick your macros accordingly and you'll see a noticeable difference. Fuel your body and start learning more about how nutrition influences your health and wellness and be an active participant in staying healthy. Care about yourself, you matter!

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