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What Do You Know About Your Genes?

I wanted to share some of the things i've been researching and testing for quite some time. These pictures are my actually genetic polymorphisms (gene mutations). Some can have positive affects, some have drastic negative consequences, and some really don't affect much of anything. The ones in the yellow are "heterozygous" which just means I received it from one parent(has a moderate influence on health). The red means I'm "homozygous" which means I received it from both parents(has a strong influence on health). Green means "wild type" which is essentially saying these are the planets so called "normal".

One of the most widely know gene mutations is the MTHFR (mother fucker gene) and I am heterozygous in this gene (homozygous means high probability of a multitude of issues). I have a slight reduction in the way my body will be able to utilize folate to properly methylate (express genes) due to a decrease in folate concentration. This is a vast over simplification, but it gets pretty technical. I also have the MTHFD1 gene mutation shown in the other picture which also affects the folate pathway. Thats a double wammy. These genes can and do influence each other, so having a few that are in the same family and effected the same pathways are just as bad as being homozygous. This is likely the main cause for the major depression (major contributing factor) and after a lot of research and testing I was able to naturally eliminate my depression. I essentially created stimulus that was having the same influence as an SSRI would, but I was able to do it without drugs. I've actually eliminated many health related issues by changing some of my gene expression and altering my epigentic patterns. Such powerful stuff.

Our behaviors, moods, cancer risk, diabetes risk, carbohydrate tolerance, Alzheimer's risk, and so much more can be influenced/mitigated by understanding some of your risk factors. I have a gene mutation in my GSTP1 gene and this was likely very relevant in my depression/general health due to its influences on large variety of detoxification and metabolism reactions, which prevent cells from genome damage and cancer initiation.

There's so much that we can do to improve our lives. We have a lot of control over our health and I really hope to reach some of you with my personal experiences and education. Knowledge is power! Happy to have you all here.

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